Dedicated to our founder
Justin Jon Schoenleber  
aka Johnny Hempseed 
9/20/1969 - 6/19/2015

"As a truth merchant he was not very popular. But as my best friend and life partner he was an angel. I saw 

through his filterless bullshit to his pure and sweet 

heart. The people who surround me now surrounded 

him then and we all seek the same thing. His mission was to save the planet and help the people. He may have been born and broken by this human walk but his 

mission was of pure love for this beautiful planet and 

what she has been seeded with to feed and nourish us 

“This is the seed that you need,” he often would say. He 

brought us together to continue what he started. He has moved on and is so deeply missed. He only want all of humanity to be healthy and to take care of this beautiful world we call home. Until we are all reunited with the ones we loved we must uphold the legacy that was Jonny Hempseed’s. Justin I love you so very much."  


~Your Little Shortie  

'HEMP HEMP HOORAY Have a healthy day!!'

After the unexpected passing of our founder Justin, aka Johnny Hempseed, we have formed a family team of caring humans dedicated to getting quality CBD Hemp oil into the hands of people, patients & animals who need it to heal. We source the CBD oil from Industrial HEMP and then mix it into local raw honey to be made into honey sticks & dog/critter treats. Future projects include making our own treats, including horse treats, and making high potency sticks of 5 & 10mg. We are dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of CBD. If our products have been helpful to you, we would love to hear from you!


Our Mission

'Food is your mood!'

'Watch out Frito Lay, we are here to stay!!'

Questions/Place an order: 360-600-5398

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